This is a blog about a boy with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and all the people who love him. Sometimes it will be about me, my husband or our Little Bear, who is equal in all ways to his older brother. Sometimes it will be about something completely random. But mostly, it’s about Bunz.

I’m writing because life is complicated, intense, poignant, fascinating, edgy, sometimes scary, often beautiful and unexpectedly funny when you have a child with special needs and I feel compelled to share all that with you.

I’m writing because I hope to read these posts years from now and remember how sweet these days are.

I’m writing in hopes that my words will reach a new parent in the NICU and assure him as he sits next to his baby’s incubator, or as she sobs in the pumping room, or as they scramble to answer the phone in the middle of the night when the charge nurse calls with an update — that they will absolutely laugh and rejoice in the years to come. Absolutely. Don’t get me wrong — you will grieve, too. You will grieve and fight and sob about your child’s struggles, about the life you thought you’d have, about feelings that you can’t explain even to yourself. But I hope to show you that someday peace will come knocking and it’s ok to let it in.

I’m writing because I hope to share creative ideas and strategies with other parents – special needs or not.

And most importantly, through writing this blog, I hope to sort out these very complicated feelings and ideas in my head and connect more fully with my heart.

Thank you, Bunz, for all that you bring to our life.

We love you.

10470842_10106605757500831_4289438380411696778_oAbout the blogger: I’m a professional writer with a PhD in molecular microbiology and a MA in science writing. Right now, I should be working on a fun little piece about the origin and evolution of leprosy, but I’m glad to be here writing to you. 🙂

3 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a beautiful well written blog that has sucked me in for the past hour or two.
    I stumbled upon it looking for candy cane inspired hair styles for my 4 year olds “candy cane day” at school. Your Bunz wanting to be a rocker with candy cane I’m his hair popped up in the images. I had to check out this little boy with piercings all over his face. He didn’t give me inspiration for my daughter’s hair, but your stories warmed my heart.
    I’m sorry for your struggles but I’m so happy you can find the positive happy thing in life. (like a new friend)
    All you need is love ❤

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